OMNIA Partners Announces Launch of the Next Generation of Procurement Technology

OMNIA Partners OPUS is the only procurement platform to marry best-value cooperative contracts with a robust sourcing search and a single check-out experience. 

FRANKLIN, TN – August 18, 2023 – OMNIA Partners announces the launch of OMNIA Partners OPUS, a revolutionary procurement platform providing a simple and seamless user experience for procurement professionals to access hundreds of cooperative contracts within the OMNIA Partners portfolio. 

Partnering with the largest GPO for both the public and private sectors, along with Virto Commerce, the leader in e-commerce and procurement technology will deliver industry-leading innovation to the cooperative purchasing market. By focusing on the needs of procurement professionals and simplifying traditional processes, OMNIA Partners OPUS provides an effortless solution that serves to improve productivity in an intuitive user experience.  

“OMNIA Partners leads the industry in providing value to procurement professionals through innovative and creative ideas. After several years of development, today we are introducing OMNIA Partners OPUS, a pioneering procurement platform to dramatically enhance the user experience for our members” says M. Todd Abner, Founder, President & CEO of OMNIA Partners. “We have created a solution that is not the traditional marketplace. The unique approach of OPUS provides a single location for connecting to awarded supplier contracts in OMNIA Partners’ portfolio without a punch-out process. Until now, this type of platform has not existed in public procurement.” 


Developed with an advisory panel of procurement professionals, OMNIA Partners OPUS provides a robust search capability across its entire portfolio with real time product availability, pricing, and shipping information. OPUS allows users to do more in less time by filling requisitions from multiple suppliers in a single transaction, or quickly and easily connecting with representatives from hundreds of top suppliers and service providers. Further, the platform eliminates the need to interact with multiple websites or third-party software platforms.  

With no integration process required, OMNIA Partners OPUS is free to OMNIA members and can be implemented rapidly. Visit the OMNIA Partners OPUS website at and register for immediate access to the next generation of procurement technology. 

About OMNIA Partners 

Shaping the future of procurement through power, access and trust. OMNIA Partners is the largest and most experienced purchasing organization for public and private sector procurement. Its immense purchasing power and industry-leading suppliers have produced an extensive portfolio of procurement solutions and partnerships, making OMNIA Partners the most valued and trusted resource for organizations nationwide.  

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About Virto Commerce 

Through strategic partnerships and technological excellence, Virto Commerce delivers cutting-edge eCommerce and marketplace software for B2B enterprises. With innovative and extensible solutions empowered by the unique Virto Atomic Architecture™, Virto platform provides long-term competitive advantage, empowering clients to create market leading customer experience and satisfaction, whilst enabling fast time-to-market and business growth.  

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