U.S. Communities, an OMNIA Partner, Withdrawal from NIGP Cooperative Accreditation

FRANKLIN, TN – August 30, 2018 – U.S. Communities will withdraw from the NIGP, Institute for Public Procurement Cooperative Accreditation program, effective immediately.

OMNIA Partners continues to support the education programs of NIGP, and through National IPA and U.S. Communities remains fully committed to the lead agency model and to the public procurement profession. All contracts offered in the portfolios of both subsidiaries have been competitively solicited and publicly awarded by a lead agency utilizing industry best practices, processes and procedures and both subsidiaries make the benefits of such practices, processes and procedures available to participating public agencies.

The lead agencies who currently solicit and award cooperative contracts available through both U.S. Communities and National IPA are considered some of the best procurement teams in the nation.

The withdrawal from the NIGP Accreditation program will not have an impact on any of the contracts currently offered, solicitations currently in process or future contract awards made available through the U.S. Communities cooperative.

About OMNIA Partners

OMNIA Partners is a leading group purchasing organization (GPO) in procurement and supply chain management. Comprised of four subsidiaries: Corporate United, Prime Advantage, National IPA and U.S. Communities, OMNIA Partners serves over 35 industries in both the private and public sector. Through Corporate United, the GPO provides world-class indirect supply and service offerings for companies across the globe, including more than 20% of the Fortune 1000. Through Prime Advantage, the GPO offers access to elite direct materials suppliers specializing in commodities, engineered components, raw materials, services and supplies. The GPO also covers sourcing needs across the public sector through National IPA and U.S. Communities, with fully transparent, value-driven pricing. OMNIA Partners leverages the economies of scale of its group with decades of procurement experience to execute mutually rewarding contracts in a multitude of verticals, while providing an extensive portfolio of sourcing solutions and partnerships for its members and suppliers.