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Customized MRO Inventory Reporting Automates Informed Buying

Posted by Matt Narens on June 12, 2017

When it comes to purchasing MRO for your facility, inadequate or inaccurate data can create spend chaos plagued by stock-outs and over-purchasing. Managing MRO inventory is critical to identify waste and recognize cost reductions as 70% of MRO spend is committed to MRO inventory.

Informed buying decisions are possible when procurement has the necessary level of spend visibility, and allows your purchasing choices to be based off actual, meaningful data. Plus, understanding the opportunities to mitigate waste and stock-outs will help maximize MRO ROI.


Master your data management to drive supply chain excellence by reading this article highlighting the specific opportunities available in the industrial supplies and MRO marketplace.

100% Spend Visibility

Vending, part of the on-site program Fastenal offers with Corporate United, provides advanced visibility into industrial inventory and MRO purchases. Customized reporting provides 100% visibility of consumable spend helping procurement identify waste and recognize areas where there is an opportunity for cost avoidance. As a CU member you are able to realize further savings through core list management and rebate opportunities with the industrial supplies and MRO program.

Gain the visibility you need to impact the bottom-line at your operation with Corporate United's member exclusive Industial Supplies and MRO  Category Insight's Platform, a free reporting and visualization tool that will revolutionize how you manage your indirect spend with CU. 

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