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Time is Not on your Side

June 6, 2017 / by Gary Como posted in Procurement Strategies, RFP


Most of us have heard Voltaire’s wisdom translated as "Perfect is the enemy of good." Today, 250 years later, we have a correlated quote that should serve as a lesson to procurement professionals. “Later is the enemy of savings.”

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9 Reasons Suppliers Aren’t Participating in Your RFP

April 7, 2017 / by Nicole Shedden posted in Group Purchasing Organization, Procurement Strategies, GPO, RFP


For a procurement professional who’s perpetually overstretched, conducting a request for proposal (RFP) guarantees one thing, and it’s not better pricing. It’s time.

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Office Products, RFPs and Price Creep. What Should You Be Looking For?

April 30, 2015 / by Katie Virtue posted in Corporate Services, Office Supplies and Solutions, RFP


Most procurement departments are familiar with running an office products Request For Proposal (RFP), especially the time, effort and resources required. Years of running RFPs may give a company confidence that they are putting in place an effective office supplies contract with negotiated savings.  However, hidden costs are not always uncovered with an Office Products RFP.

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