Pathway to Procurement: Achieving Success Together

This comprehensive, step-by-step guide will help you identify more strategic and efficient ways to procure for your institution by utilizing OMNIA Partners value-added solutions, tools, data, support, and expertise.


K-12 Education with Smarter Procurement

At OMNIA Partners, we understand the unique needs of primary education institutions, and we're here to make your purchasing experience hassle-free and efficient. Our approach to cooperative purchasing is designed to help schools reach their goals and maximize their procurement strategy. 

With a wide range of contracts from industry-leading suppliers, we ensure that you have access to everything your educators, staff, and students need to succeed. Our trusted lead public agency contracting model offers a quick and efficient purchasing process, all while prioritizing compliance and public procurement regulations. 

Let us help your primary education institution discover a better way to buy.

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Simplify Your Buying Process

Purchasing professionals now have access to the ONLY technology platform that provides ONE access to HUNDREDS of publicly awarded compliant cooperative contracts. We know that you have requisitions piling up, and you are trying to keep up with mutiple logins across multiple websites. Buy with confidence using OPUS and know the products you need are in stock and under contract pricing, plus you can quickly connect with industry leading suppliers.

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New Solution

Utilizing advanced AI, Konica Minolta's Video Security Solutions create a comprehensive suite of tools to meet your school's entry and screening requirements.


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Case Study

"Find out how a Georgia school district saved $124,000 annually through partnering with Granite Telecommunications and OMNIA Partners "


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