Multifamily Housing Group Purchasing Benefits

The group buying power of OMNIA Partners translates into savings across the board and inherent value beyond cost for your multifamily property portfolio. Because of our strong supplier relationships, your service requests are elevated, and contracts are pre-negotiated. You have access to all strategic spend categories in products and services required by the multifamily housing industry with the added value of a centralized procurement operation. 

As an extension of your team, OMNIA Partners provides members with an opportunity to focus on strategic procurement initiatives and goals, while we unite your spend, category, and relationship management. Our industry experts utilize a comprehensive approach to centralize your procurement by concentrating on price, product, process, performance, and people. 






Utilize OMNIA Partners’ extensive experience and market knowledge to maximize line-item discounts, contract pricing, and savings with supplier partners. Our team continuously identifies and presents you with value-add opportunities and benefits to increase your NOI. 

OMNIA Partners helps create visibility, standardization and improved decision making, ensuring your team selects the industry-leading products that deliver the most value, consistency, and greatest savings. We work with our members to understand core purchasing objectives, identify and recommend solutions, and then align you with the ideal suppliers to reach your objectives. 

OMNIA Partners helps members minimize costs through process efficiency, maximize technology solutions ROI and become more proactive with product management. We add a competitive advantage to your tool kit that will help win more acquisitions and fee management opportunities, as well as greater NOI and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). 

Measuring results with key performance indicators provides a consistent method to identify success, compliance, and areas for improvement. The proper data allows you to identify and implement positive change in real-time. 

Leverage the OMNIA Partners, Multifamily Housing experts for tools and resources to support your internal team’s needs, increasing their time and interaction with prospects and residents. Lean on us to source and provide supplier programs accessible at your fingertips, so your team can focus on growing loyalty and retention, while continuing the core business of leasing, collections, and service.