How Multifamily Housing Can Streamline Procurement Processes through a GPO

OMNIA Partners understands the limitations presented when having to operate as a lean organization that requires individual roles to facilitate many functions. Add today’s volatile workforce with high employee turnover, and it is likely your procurement process is less than optimized. A group purchasing organization (GPO) provides significant benefits to any company’s procurement strategy regardless of the industry. 

Many business sectors have integrated the use of GPOs into their purchasing process as a strategic tool in their overall sourcing plans, yet multifamily housing industry has been traditionally underserved by GPOs. This has created an environment in which many multifamily housing owners and operators are unaware of how to gain benefits from a GPO or even that the option exists. 


So how can a GPO like OMNIA Partners help you? 

OMNIA Partners recently acquired PAS Purchasing Solutions and Buyers Access to create a GPO specifically dedicated to you - multifamily housing owners and operators. Now combined with the expanded contract offerings of OMNIA Partners, this team of industry experts can deliver enhanced resources on procurement optimization for SMB owners and operators to increase NOI, cash flow, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).  

By utilizing OMNIA Partners, Multifamily Housing as your GPO, your purchasing power is now increased by the overall spend from all other industries serviced by OMNIA Partners, including public, private and nonprofit sectors. Specifically, this gives you, and your entire property portfolio, access to leverage better pricing, service levels, and account representation from industry-leading suppliers. You’ll also get back time in your day and freed-up resources by allowing our team to monitor the market, assess supplier offerings, and negotiate supplier partnership specifics on your behalf.  

Multifamily housing owners and operators have fewer resources to deliver on procurement optimization compared to other industries at equivalent scale. OMNIA Partners, Multifamily Housing has been created to fill this gap and optimize procurement processes within your property portfolio while providing unmatched resources to keep your operations running smoothly.