Welcome to OMNIA Partners, Multifamily Housing

By selecting OMNIA Partners as your GPO, you've gained an extension to your team that will help navigate your unique purchasing needs. Our team members have been on your side in the multifamily industry and understand what you’re challenged with each day, including supply chain risk, daily sourcing challenges, and pricing concerns. We specialize in group purchasing, a strategic way to increase efficiency and reduce costs across all your properties.   

Specifically, this gives you, and your entire property portfolio, access to leverage better pricing, service levels, and account representation from industry-leading suppliers. You’ll also get back time in your day and freed-up resources by allowing our team to monitor the market, assess supplier offerings, and negotiate supplier partnership specifics on your behalf.  

View our brief video and browse below to learn more about your member benefits.

What To Expect From Your Membership


Leverage the collective buying power of our network based on the billions spent in purchases annually, not only from our multifamily housing members, but from the complete membership of our public, private, and nonprofit sectors 


Select your supplier partners from our 100+ (and growing!) negotiated programs covering products and services in high demand for your properties 


Lean on us to be your advocate dedicated to supporting your purchasing efforts, reducing costs, and navigating the massive supply chain risks you’re facing today 

Services Available to You

  • Large project help - renovations, capital projects, large bulk orders, multi-supplier sourcing  

  • Supplier program explanations to help diversify spend and create workarounds for any potential supply chain issues    

  • Proactive solution outreach to assist with current and future industry pain points and recurring seasonal needs  

  • Alternate supplier suggestion due to product shortages, regular product lists, or revised customer goals and needs 

  • Industry information for optimized operations focusing on trends, predictions, and paint points among other properties and portfolios  

  • Please note – you do not place orders or payments through OMNIA Partners. The supplier will facilitate both while utilizing our partnership contract terms 

Website Navigation/Supplier Relations

Our website is a great resource for your team to learn more about the available supplier offerings. Each supplier has a microsite that provides the most up-to-date details on program offerings, direct communication pieces from the supplier, and a simple request information form to get in touch and begin using the contract. For existing supplier relationships, you will continue to order as you always have through supplier websites, your favorite rep or supplier customer service.

Our dedicated Regional Directors will also proactively reach out to ensure you’re capitalizing on the right programs for your properties.

Multifamily Housing Resources

With the most experienced team in Multifamily Housing, we have the dedicated expertise to help owners and operators achieve their strategic goals specific to their unique property portfolios.  

Throughout our website you’ll find various insights to enhance your operations and be alerted to industry trends and predictions. Visit our blog, resource page, or simply review our FAQs for more clarity on who we are and how we work with you. We encourage you to follow our LinkedIn page for additional information on how to optimize your purchasing and sourcing operations. 

What to Expect with Your Membership

  • We promise your membership is completely free. There is no fee, financial obligation, penalty of any kind, or long-term commitment required.  

  • You select which programs are right for your properties – no mandatory switching of suppliers, moving from one program to another, or minimum spend on contracts.  

  • You keep the buying process and supplier contracting procedures you have in place today – simply add our leverage and expertise to your programs. 

  • We provide you the introduction for a direct relationship with the supplier. No need to facilitate communications through us, but we’re still here to assist when needed. 

  • Possibly the best asset? Your OMNIA Partners dedicated Regional Director will proactively reach out to ensure you are capitalizing on the right programs for your properties – whether it’s a new supplier to consider or they’re seeing some shifts in the marketplace and want to give you a heads up. 


We are excited to welcome you as a member of OMNIA Partners, and we hope you are as well. Your Regional Director is available to discuss these member benefits and processes, as it’s likely you may have some questions - You may also want to visit our FAQs for some quick answers. In the meantime, please browse the supplier offerings that will help you increase NOI, reduce supply chain risk, and improve operational performance – as well as immediate access to your ever-growing supplier program portfolio