Resources at Your Fingertips

The OMNIA Partners team, with contributions from our supplier partners, has developed this resources hub to help you streamline common processes, learn best practices, have an earmark on recurring or seasonal needs, and basic how-to's for those new to their position. The resources we’ve created for your use will ensure you have even more time in your day to dedicate to growing resident loyalty and retention as well as more focus towards your core business functions of leasing, collections, and service at your properties.  

These can be downloaded and distributed as you see fit. This hub will be a continually growing source of knowledge, education, and insights.  

Please view our current selection of resources.

Exterior Building Inspection Checklist

Utilize our Exterior Building Inspection Checklist to ensure common problem areas on your property are receiving the right attention.

Winter Season Preparation Guide

Utilize our Winter Season Preparation Guide to minimize common cold weather threats on your property.

Preventative Maintenance Guide

Utilize our Preventative Maintenance Guide to establish a regular cadence of inspections throughout the year on your property.

Emergency Preparation and Recovery Checklist

Utilize our Emergency Preparation and Recovery Checklist to minimize the impact of natural disasters to your property. 

Spring Maintenance Checklist

Utilize our Spring Maintenance Checklist to ensure your property is safe and operable for current and potential residents.


Discover how multifamily housing owners & operators benefit from a partnership with a GPO.

Current Multifamily Housing Purchasing Trends

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A Sampling of Our Suppliers

Streamline your sourcing processes and bring increased NOI to your property portfolio by enabling it to operate more efficiently with less effort across the board. We put time back on your side and ensure you gain access to high-quality, thoroughly vetted suppliers. Check out these suppliers who are helping our multifamily housing members achieve their goals everyday.



We switched providers and moved to Buyers Access {now OMNIA Partners} a couple years ago, after being with our previous provider for over a decade. The only regret I have is that we didn’t make the move sooner.
Everyone is extremely professional and goes above any beyond! Utilizing their service has really helped us take our purchasing decisions to the next level.
We recently signed a national agreement with a MRO supplier and they were instrumental in overseeing all of the logistics, from setting up the property accounts, assisting in setting the spend limits, entering the chart of accounts and all the other behind the scenes items necessary to implement, saving hours and hours of our time! We have the pleasure of working directly with Stephanie Zitterkopf, who is the epitome of Customer Service. We consider ourselves very lucky to have her assigned to our account!

Brenda Barrett
President of Property Management Operations

I was able to work with Sarah especially during the beginning of the Pandemic to get supplies like masks quickly and at a reasonable price. She was very helpful. I have used BA {now OMNIA Partners} as a tool when estimating costs for use on projecting capital needs.
OMNIA Partners has been essential for our team with both cost and time savings. Our teams find it extremely helpful in finding difficult parts, time savings in not having to go to a big box store and the ability to shop across several suppliers all at once.
We originally decided to begin the partnership because of the need to attempt to standardize products and suppliers across the portfolio. And then to leverage the size of membership to negotiate better pricing.
Our properties that are using the OMNIA Partners contracts have found it to save significant amount of time, not only in one stop shopping but the use of the team to assist in the process.
Sarah has helped the onsite teams in finding suitable replacements for items that no longer exists, needed contractors, new supplier options and capital projects.

David M. Soule
Regional Vice President
KMG Prestige, AMO