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About Corpay

The smarter way to pay. Our full suite of solutions—ranging from corporate payment cards to domestic and international payment automation—empowers companies to reduce back-end complexities and scale.

Our commercial card and expense management solutions help teams simplify their card programs, optimize their rebates, and easily track expenses. Plus, our payment automation helps teams stop cutting checks so they can focus on the business.

Corpay Comprehensive Solutions:

  • Mastercard Corporate Card
  • ExpenseTrack Expense Management 
  • Mastercard AP Virtual Card
  • AP Payment Automation

Automation Increases AP Profitability and Efficiency

Corpay Payment Automation enables comprehensive, automated B2B payments for businesses of all sizes. Our full-service, ERP-agnostic, automated payment solutions empower your AP team to save time and costs by consolidating all your vendor payments into a single workflow. 

Click on the image to view the case study of how a residential property management company used Corpay to implement paperless payments. 

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