Insurance Claims Management

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About Ironclaim

We are not lawyers, and we are not insurance agents. We are insurance adjusters -- just like the ones assigned from the insurance company. The only difference is that we work for you to get the proper compensation for your claim. 

Ironclaim’s public adjusters give you the confidence that an experienced team is fighting to maximize your settlement based on damage sustained. To do that, we review the terms and conditions of your full policy, build a claim with accurate rebuild costs, and hold the carriers to market-rate pricing to restore your property. We also develop thorough contents and equipment inventories as well as prepare your total monetary loss documentation. 


The Precision You Deserve

We personally document everything: structural damage, personal property, extra expense, and lost revenue, making it easy to maximize your claim.

Representation Working for You

You get the assurance of knowing that an in-house expert is reviewing your policy, negotiating your claim, and following up with your insurance to settle your claim while avoiding common issues.

Start Now, Settle Sooner

Three things determine our claim strategy: the policy, the loss sustained, and our client's goals. When all three are known, our representatives work daily to secure an appropriate resolution as quickly as possible.

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