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Managed Print Services (MPS)

Top 4 Challenges for Business Processes
Print Management from Konica Minolta has become an invaluable tool for members of OMNIA Partners to curb costs, eliminate waste and provide predictable accountability for page output devices. 

Working with Konica Minolta helps manage output devices allowing members to focus on core business, vital customers, and reducing the burden on valuable IT resources. 

Once you start to realize how MPS can help reduce costs, you will quickly find that it also increases staff productivity, frees up IT resources for mission critical projects, automates toner replenishment, and provides better fleet visibility with meaningful data.  It sets the stage for complete account management.  With MPS, you will only need to deal with one vendor.

Moving members of OMNIA Partners from an unmanaged print to a managed print environment delivers material savings to the bottom line. However, the hard costs, such as hardware, printing supplies, and maintenance are only a portion of the total cost of creating documents. Understanding both visible and unseen costs are integral to controlling them, and helping organizations become more efficient and profitable.

We consider print infrastructure and document workflow in addition to focusing on the four core business areas where print costs occur:

Konica Minolta utilizes a Three-Step MPS Engagement Methodology:

PHASE 1: CAPTURE: The first step in the engagement process is the assessment of your current print environment.

Automated Fleet Assessments

  • The Konica Minolta Consult App is a lite Windows service application that is installed and runs on-site at the organization.
  • Consult App quickly deploys, collects, and analyzes print device-related information from your environment.
  • It detects all network-connected print devices and captures Machine Information Base (MIB) device-centric data.

Physical Site Survey and Site Mapping (Cartography)

  • Our MPS consultants will perform walk-throughs of designated facilities to gather information related to business processes, workflow challenges, and how information moves through your organization.
  • Focus assessment areas may include but not be limited to Human Resources, Procurement, Facilities, Administration, Technical Services, and other high volume areas.
  • Surveys will include the gathering of costs associated with print.


PHASE 2: CONSULT:  During the Consult Phase, the Konica Minolta team will utilize expertise, experience, and industry best practices to analyze the data captured. Assessment and survey results are reviewed and organized delivering recommendations resulting in optimization and best business outcomes.

Opportunities for Improvement:

  • Expense Reduction / Improved Efficiency
  • Business Process Improvement / Reduce Rework 
  • Compliance and Sustainability


PHASE 3: OPTIMAL BUSINESS ROAD MAP: The recommendations are designed to deliver a stable, monitored and supported print infrastructure, administered by professionals, resulting in maximum uptime and availability – a critical need when patient safety is at stake.
The recommendations will include a strategic roadmap to achieve your goals and objectives while enabling a definitive and measurable outcome.

Members typically enjoy the following meaningful financial and operational results:

OneRate™ Platinum
Konica Minolta’s OneRate™ Platinum program meets the needs of many of OMNIA’s Members. This approach is often the first step on our client’s journey toward a fully managed program. It reduces printing costs and offers dependable service while focusing on the quality of care.


  • Predictable accounting and forecastable budgeting
  • A single consistent payment
  • No meter reads or overage charges

In addition, through the OMNIA Partners Konica Minolta agreement, an elevated level of support is also provided by Konica Minolta’s Global Client Services (GCS) centers.  GCS supports Print Management and additional Managed IT Services.  Click here to learn more about GCS.

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