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State, Education and Local Government agencies handle a multitude of tasks while having to manage a limited budget. They accomplish this nearly impossible task with a trusted partner like Konica Minolta through our wide range of technology, vertically focused solutiosn and IT Services. We help agencies and departments capture, proces and collaborate on critical documents and content, protect data integrity and access precise information when it's needed. 

Konica Minolta has been reshaping the way government agencies approach work with its expansive product portfolio. We are consultants to our agencies with solutions that enable them to work smarter and have more information at their disposal to become better decision makers. It all starts with understanding how you can revolutionize your workplace. For OMNIA Partners, we are focused on the below areas where we can make a difference in your agency's efficiency: 


  • IT Consulting Services
  • Inter/Intranet Services
  • Network Services
  • Office and Work Group Products and Services
  • Centralized Production Products and Services
  • Document Storage and Retrieval Products and Services


  • Information Management: ECM
  • IT Services
  • Managed Voice
  • Workplace of the Future 
  • Classroom Technology
  • Physical Security: Cameras, School Gate Guardian 

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