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About Servicewear

ServiceWear Apparel distributes high-quality workwear and work apparel from leading brands to fulfill the needs of various companies, organizations, and multifamily housing properties. Our broad range of brands and products allows you to find the perfect garments for your workwear program. Our partnership with OMNIA Partners allows you, as a member, to take advantage of the benefits ServiceWear Apparel has to offer for all your multifamily housing property needs.

Why Servicewear Apparel

We Do the Work for You - When you get started with ServiceWear Apparel, our Account Management Team will work directly with your departments' representatives throughout the entire process. They'll send product samples, recommend products, have logos digitized, help define emblem needs, and assist with setting up your account and placing orders. We take care of everything! Learn more about our streamlined workwear procurement process.

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