Waste Management & Recycling

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About Vector97

Vector97 is one of the nation’s largest waste consulting firms helping companies dramatically reduce their trash hauling and recycling expenses. With over 30 years’ experience and a solid track record of client successes. All your hauling invoices can be consolidated into one biweekly detailed invoices saving your teams processing time.


Eliminating Hauling Overcharges

11 to 20 % of hauling invoices contain errors and our monthly electronic auditing corrects them (clients save as much as 5%)

Discounted Pricing

With our large national volume of over 15,000 managed locations (average gross savings is 38.6%, Shared 50/50)

Centralized Organization

All of your hauling information will be at your fingertips with our online portal for reporting, invoices, past dues, contracts, service levels, one click portfolio budgeting, and savings analysis reporting.

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