Nonprofit Contracts with Power, Access, and Trust

OMNIA Partners is the cooperative purchasing organization that is driving excellence in nonprofit purchasing. Our extensive scope of competitively solicited contracts gives access to industry-leading suppliers to help streamline the purchasing process and helps nonprofits support their missions.  

We provide nonprofit professionals the power to deliver value to their organizations through access to a seamless purchasing process and access to suppliers they can trust.  

Nonprofits are eligible to use contracts in the OMNIA Partners portfolio and take advantage of the competitive solicitation process to receive reduced pricing. Nonprofit discounts can enable you to use additional funds to support your mission. With no cost to participate and no minimum order requirements, nonprofits of any size have the ability to purchase the products, services, and solutions they need at volume discount prices that would be nearly impossible to attain individually.


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How We Do It

The lead agency cooperative contracting process is the foundation of OMNIA Partners and sets us apart from other cooperatives. In order for even the most restrictive agencies nationwide to realize the best value offered by cooperative purchasing‚ OMNIA Partners ensures that industry best practices‚ processes and procedures are applied.

Our immense purchasing power has produced a comprehensive portfolio of cooperative purchasing agreements and partnerships, making us the most valued and trusted resource for organizations nationwide. We deliver more cooperative contracts, in more verticals, with transparent, value-driven pricing.