Join Other Nonprofits Reducing Costs and Saving Time with Cooperative Purchasing

Cooperative purchasing enables nonprofits to devote more time and resources to their mission. When your mission and people come first, learn how cooperative purchasing saves times, increases buying power and connects you with a trusted procurement partner. 


Q: Is my nonprofit organization eligible to use cooperative contracts?

A: Almost all nonprofit organizations are eligible to use publicly awarded cooperative purchasing contracts. Nonprofits of any size can purchase the products, services and solutions they need at volume discount prices.

With OMNIA Partners, there is no cost to participate and no minimum order requirements. We are happy to serve the following organizations:

  • Arts, Culture & Humanities
  • Environmental & Animals
  • Human Services
  • International & Foreign Affairs
  • Public/Societal Benefit
  • Faith-Based
  • Trade Associations

Contact our nonprofit team to learn about eligibility and how to get started.

Q: Is there a cost for membership?

A: OMNIA Partners does not require membership fees, minimum orders or spend obligations. Our nonprofit members have fully transparent access to the largest portfolio of competitively solicited contracts with national suppliers

Q: What products and services are available through cooperative purchasing?

A: Cooperative purchasing organization maintain a portfolio of contracts and a list of suppliers.

OMNIA Partners has more than 400 contract agreements covering a wide range of products - from everyday necessities to large-scale capital projects. Our portfolio includes everything from office supplies, furniture, technology products - such as copiers, janitorial supplies, and other facility solutions. Take a look at our list of suppliers and contracts to find exactly what you're looking for.

Q: Can we use publicly awarded contracts to eliminate the time-consuming request for proposal (RFP) process?

A: Yes, cooperative purchasing contracts bypass the time-consuming Request for Proposal (RFP) process. By piggybacking off competitively solicited and publicly awarded contracts, nonprofits leverage the buying power of thousands of organizations to achieve discounts they could not negotiate on their own.

Q: Are contracts through OMNIA Partners compliant?

A: Yes, the lead agency contracting process sets OMNIA Partners apart from many cooperatives. A lead agency is a public sector entity that negotiates a competitively solicited contract with a supplier of a product or service. Once the contract is publicly awarded, nonprofit organizations can begin utilizing the contracts through a cooperative purchasing program, such as OMNIA Partners.

Our team has real-world experience in nonprofits. They can walk your through specific spend categories to help you find contracts that save you money and time. We are committed to the integrity of public procurement. Full access to solicitation and award documentation is always available for each awarded agreement. See our contract porfolio.

Q: Are there benefits in addition to cost savings?

A: Yes, the best cooperative purchasing partners stand with you as an advocate throughout the procurement process.

OMNIA Partners, members can consult with subject matter experts who have deep knowledge in different spend categories. Contracts are continuously refined to match your needs and offer better value. Working with a cooperative gives you back time so you can focus on making a difference in your community.

Church furniture

Case Study

When Grace Community Church needed new office and school furniture, they used a cooperative purchasing contract tailored to nonprofits from Affordable Interior Systems, Inc. The church worked with design specialists at AIS to find the furniture they needed at a price that fit their budget. 

How Grace Commnity used cooperative purchasing

Charity walk

Nonprofit Blog

More nonprofit organizations are saving time and reducing operating costs when they buy through cooperative purchasing contracts. Gain a better understanding of cooperative purchasing in our blog specifically focused on the needs of nonprofits. 

Cooperative purchasing for nonprofits