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Labor is the costliest and most controllable expense for an organization. Many transactional aspects of managing the workforce are a great start for increased efficiency. UKG provides automation to highly repetitive processes including time & attendance, absence management, and scheduling that any workforce can benefit from. 

Minimized Compliance Risk – Don’t put your nonprofit organization at risk for unnecessary compliance litigation. UKG Inc. empowers your teams to keep pace with Department of Labor and other government and industry regulations — such as the Affordable Care Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, and more — so you can apply appropriate policies and rules consistently, fairly, and accurately. 

Improved Visibility into Leave Liability – Trying to measure, track, and report on employee time off and paid time off (PTO) using time-consuming, error-prone manual processes or in disparate systems just doesn’t cut it anymore. It drains productivity and drives up costs. Now there’s an easier and better way to manage employee time off. UKG automatically enforces your time-off policies — consistently and accurately — to virtually eliminate potential abuse by employees and ensure that policies are applied fairly across the organization. 

Accurate scheduling: right people, right place, right time – Generating schedules is a daunting task when performing this manually. Factoring in time off requests, certifications, and qualifications requires a skilled person to sit for hours preparing schedules. UKG takes the guesswork out of aligning the right employees, in the right place, at the right time. 

The less time and money we spend doing administrative tasks, the more resources that go to our core mission. UKG is helping us deliver our mission more effectively and get more value out of every dollar spent, letting us manage [our workforce] more efficiently so more of these resources get into the hands and uses of mission.

John Leopold, Vice President of Technology, Goodwill of Central and Coastal Virginia 

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