Our Unique Approach to Group Purchasing

OMNIA Partners' group buying power translates into savings across the board and inherent value beyond cost. Because of our strong relationships with our suppliers, service requests are elevated and contracts are pre-negotiated. We cover all strategic spend categories that organizations face both inside and outside of procurement through indirect and direct materials and value-added services that are typically managed outside of sourcing and procurement. 

Our community of members and suppliers execute more contracts, in more verticals, with transparent, value-driven pricing. This means members can focus on strategic procurement initiatives and goals, while we take care of spend management. In other words, OMNIA Partners acts as an extension of your team.


Resulting in Cost-Effective & Strategic Procurement

Through our unique sourcing and procurement approach, OMNIA Partners helps members optimize their procurement process while providing a connection to supplier partners with the right products and services, for the best price with industry-leading terms and conditions. This results in the most advantageous GPO contracts in the nation, speed to savings, sustainable success, and an enhanced supplier relationship for our members. 

Speed to Savings

Market-leading companies recognize that allocating up to 500 hours of internal resource time to execute a competitive bid or RFP is inefficient. When you consider the time required to gather stakeholder requirements, capture and analyze data, navigate legal requirements, implement, track results and establish an ongoing supplier management process, it becomes difficult to justify a “do it yourself” model.

OMNIA Partners Savings Over Time Through Group Buying Power

Performance Management for Sustainable Success

Once established, we apply group buying power and influence to all aspects of the program, ultimately creating a unique experience without sacrificing individual company needs. Our knowledge of cost drivers keeps us one step ahead of the market. Creating a fine-tuned program that not only delivers meaningful savings, but also prevents the undetected “price creep” or diminished returns commonly associated with unmanaged programs.

Supplier Relationship Management

OMNIA Partners provides members with an enhanced experience that combines the power of our group buying power with the agility of a custom program. We work collaboratively with our suppliers to:

  • Identify continuous process improvements
  • Provide innovation through best practices and technology tools
  • Ensure offerings stand-alone
  • Create a fully streamlined and cost-effective procurement experience

Our immense group buying power translates into strategic importance for our supplier partners and accelerated market share expansion. We provide long-term solutions and industry expertise so our members and suppliers can capitalize on initiatives that are truly strategic to their businesses.

In areas where procurement’s bandwidth is limited, GPOs offer a solution to quickly plug into an existing supply base without having to conduct time-consuming and expensive sourcing activities. GPOs provide an option to realize potential savings faster while keeping procurement’s operating costs in check."

- The Hackett Group