Strategic Sourcing & Our GPO Contracting Process

Our team of contracting experts completes the groundwork so you can trust in value well beyond the GPO contract. Our strategic sourcing process includes:

Step 1: Category Research and Analysis

OMNIA Partners engages with members to identify and define new categories of need in challenging spend management areas while addressing individual objectives to align with collective goals.

Member feedback is paramount in analyzing category foundation and importance including reviewing existing contracts, usage data, pricing and technical and operational requirements. Our research spans a multitude of industries, potential supplier partners and market characteristics such as share concentration, substitutes and conversion costs.

Step 2: Sourcing Strategy

After assessing the market, interviewing potential supplier partners and incorporating member feedback, OMNIA Partners develops a strategic sourcing plan to create value-driven programs for our members.

Step 3: Extensive Negotiation, Evaluation and Contract Award

On behalf of all members and by utilizing our collective leverage in the market, OMNIA Partners negotiates optimal pricing only available through our group purchasing organization (GPO), along with terms and conditions that protect members while increasing service levels and creating additional value. This achieves a core structure that provides flexibility to meet the unique goals of each member.

Step 4: Execution and Ongoing Contract Management

We ensure our supplier partner agreements maintain market competitiveness through continuous contract management. Our programs undergo ongoing efforts that include supplier partner business reviews, real-time market assessments and frequent contract performance measurement across the membership. Continual contract maintenance ensures that solution offerings adhere to the latest in best practices and innovations.

Streamlined and Cost-Effective Procurement

OMNIA Partners is dedicated to helping members optimize their strategic sourcing process while providing a connection to the right supplier partners with the right products and services, for the right price with industry-leading terms and conditions. This results in the most advantageous GPO contracts in the nation for our members. 


Benefits of Strategic Sourcing

Our core strategic contracting process competencies have helped members strengthen their purchasing power and elevate their businesses through:

  1.  Sharing best practices
  2.  Reducing supply chain risk
  3.  Improving procurement and production bandwidth
  4.  Creating true business partnerships
  5.  Providing access to market-leading suppliers and innovations

OMNIA Partners employs this comprehensive contracting and vetting process to bring our members market-leading suppliers offering superior GPO contracts that provide the highest quality products and services available in the market. The programs created save our members a considerable amount of resources in the form of time, employee bandwidth and expenses that would be incurred from performing this process.