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7 Tips on Being a Great Leader

Posted by Dan Grant on July 09, 2015

7-tips-on-being-a-great-leaderThere will come a time in your life, maybe tomorrow, maybe down the road, where you must step up and be a leader, a time where others look to you for guidance or to be carried out of the storm. In these moments, there are several actions one can take that will command respect and lead to success. Here are seven tips on how you can be the leader they’ll tell stories about after your number is called:

1. Be a Role Model

A key to effective leadership is leading by example. If you conduct yourself in the way you would ideally want your team to act, they will mirror your behavior.

2. Build Trust

Admit your mistakes and encourage team members to share their experiences. This will create a relationship of trust and will allow them to have faith in your decisions. Secondly, be consistent. Set priorities and communicate any adjustments as you pursue the common goal. Consistency is an important characteristic of a good leader.

3. Learn From the Past

As many great leaders know, the past plays a huge role in the future. Understand past efforts and what was learned. By finding these answers, a leader will be more likely to succeed.

4. Share the Success

Anyone can point out that he or she did a good job, but a strong leader will give credit to the entire team through knowing they all worked together to achieve the desired outcome. Modesty is a difficult characteristic of a good leader, but it is one of utmost importance.

5. Communicate

Communication is vital to being a great leader. In order to have a grasp on your team's mindset, maintain an open line of communication. Allow room for feedback and input. Make sure everyone is able to get their opinion heard and can voice their concerns. Another key component of good leadership is to have face-to-face interactions as online communication can be misinterpreted.

6. Celebrate

When you complete a goal or hit certain milestones, make sure to acknowledge the achievement. Recognition builds morale and shows people that they're appreciated; which in turn demonstrates your great leadership.

7. Never Stop Improving and Enhancing Your Skills

In order to keep a high level of leadership success, you must keep learning and improving. New ideas and change are inevitable, so it's important to keep an open mind in all situations. There is no finish line in becoming a great leader; it's a constantly evolving role.

Whether you are leading a small group or a Fortune 500 company, leadership is imperative for your business to flourish. Follow these guidelines and you’ll become the type of leader that would even make Winston Churchill take note. Understand your leadership style and where you can excel with this assessment.

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