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Are You Searching For the Right Customers?

Posted by OMNIA Partners on July 05, 2016

improving-customer-quality"How do we get more customers?" It's the question that echoes in company boardrooms across the land. Because if you're going to beat last year and smash the forecast, the simplest way to go about it is to just get more business, right? Or is that actually the most complicated way? Because the question shouldn't be, "how do we get more customers?" But instead, "how do we get more of the right customers?"

Everywhere else in our lives we strive to find proper matches. We search for a mate in sync with our personality, a job in line with our passion, a satchel that matches our poodle. But for some companies, greed swings the front doors open in hope for anything with a bank account to step through. That wide casting net rarely works, even if it were ever argued to be a strategic approach. The lack of focus and targeted methodology in your "speaking to everyone" sales and marketing efforts ultimately leaves you speaking to no one.

But that's not the biggest reason to be more judicious in what customers you choose to set those ambitious eyes on. The biggest one is the reason you were reaching for everything within an arm's length in the first place: you'll make more money. Wait, how could this be? How could having less customers translate into more money? It comes down to setting expectations, which leads to a favorable customer experience, which leads to less customer maintenance.

For many companies, the wooing process means promising the world. These businesses will say anything to get a prospect to sign on the bottom line while resigning to worrying about delivering upon those assurances later. The problem with this mindset is that you are setting yourself up for epic failure. If you don't realize what your company is and just as importantly, what it is not, and then share these realizations with your targets, you'll eventually run into landmine after landmine of your customers exploding on you when your performance doesn't meet what was anticipated.

That's not to say don't dress up what you have to offer and make it look pretty, but if you're exaggeratory or downright deceitful, you will eventually have to face the music and swallow some sizable costs. Every time your company falls short on an expectation, the relationship will strain further and further until it eventually snaps. And in the process, you will be spending more money in man-hours and reputation than you will ever reap from the failing relationship.

So find out what your product really is, everything it is, and sell that and only that like gangbusters. That way, you'll enjoy a customer base that fits and appreciates what you do, as it grows with you and your green.

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