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Bringing Sustainable Products to Your Breakroom

Posted by Sonda Sahley on July 04, 2016

You probably know that breakrooms are a great place to boost employee moral and give a positive impression to office visitors. But did you also know that the products you stock give your organization an opportunity to be more in touch with environmental concerns?

We recently partnered with Office Depot and GP PRO, organizations that are leading the charge with innovative sustainability practices, to offer members an all-inclusive Breakroom Supplies program.

The Path to an Eco-Friendly Breakroom

Under the sustainability platform EcoSmart™, the GP PRO line of breakroom supplies focuses on materials, manufacturing and use and disposal during the product lifecycle.


GP PRO makes sure that the materials used for their products are sourced and transported in environmentally responsible ways. In fact, more than 140 GP PRO products contain at least 95% recycled fiber.


GP PRO conserves natural resources by efficiently using fiber, energy and water. Also, each plant employs standardized safety and environmental practices, and products are transported in energy-efficient, cost-effective ways.

Use and Disposal

GP Harmon Recycling is one of the world’s largest buyers and sellers of wastepaper, trading approx. 7 million tons of wastepaper a year. Also, GP PRO uses waste reduction innovations to control usage and divert products from the landfill.

The result? You have access to high-quality products that are also sustainable, allowing your organization to reach its sustainability goals.

Wait…Aren’t Reusable Products Better?

Reusable cups and mugs may seem like an easy option to save money and be more environmentally friendly. However, studies have overwhelmingly shown that reusable cups are actually worse for the environment than their disposable counterparts.

Also, many types of disposable products can now be recycled or composted in commercial facilities, decreasing the strain on landfills.

GP PRO manufactures a long list of sustainable products that adhere to strict environmental standards, including:

  • Disposable cups
  • Napkin (dispensers)
  • Paper towel (dispensers)

Learn More about our Program

Are you ready to save money, have access to high-quality and sustainable products, and experience the benefits of being a CU member? Reach out to your member development representative, or email us at for more information about our Breakroom Supplies program.

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