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How Our World Is Affecting Corporate Procurement Trends

Posted by OMNIA Partners on December 13, 2015

How could paying to watch your favorite show on Amazon affect how corporate procurement departments function?

Wait a moment before replying “it couldn’t.”

Digital Trends in the Corporate World

As consumers become increasingly attached to the world of online purchasing – from paying to watch a show on Amazon to shopping for a new appliance – they bring expectations built from this on-demand life into their corporate roles.

“It’s the end of buying and selling,” says David Clevenger, an eight-time Supply & Demand Chain Executive Pro to Know. “Over the course of the last century, buying became the science of squeezing price, sales became the art of justifying price, and both functions grew into large organizations. But business is getting too complex and dynamic for centralized buying and selling machines.”

What does this mean for indirect procurement departments, especially considering the following?

  • Strategic sourcing is waning in effectiveness.
  • Internal procurement departments are being outsourced at an unprecedented rate.
  • There is a discrepancy between the value procurement claims and what the CFO sees on the bottom line. 

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Read “The End of Buying and Selling” to create new value in the face of our on-demand procurement world.

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