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How To Prepare Your Network for a Unified Communications

Posted by Dennis Collins on April 24, 2017

Enterprise businesses today frequently use more than one collaborative solution provider to keep their workforce connected. In fact, your business might work with a long list of providers with the goal of increasing productivity and collaboration. This challenges your technology team to derive a cohesive plan of action to maneuver the solutions while providing the best end user and network user experience.

For procurement this means sourcing solutions with interoperability between diverse providers. Procurement is challenged with streamlining the mix of technology solutions your enterprise employs for collaboration to foster alignment and wide utilization of end users. Procurement will profit from understanding the trials ahead of the network manager(s) so you can source the best solution for your enterprise needs.


1. Find a Trusted Adviser

Collaboration ecosystems can be confusing with a constantly evolving market. Getting every unified communication solution to talk is extremely difficult. When you have contracts, agreements, and established relationships in the conferencing and collaboration space, you need a trusted advisor who is looking at the marketplace, end-to-end, to tie all the different pieces together to maximize your investment.

2. Don’t Shy Away from Managed Service Providers

Along those same lines, organizations have a set of needs that big providers can’t always fill. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) help take the pieces of solutions that are in place from different organizations and tie them together in a flexible, strategic manner to generate the right quality levels and use cases.

3. Don’t Assume All of your Traffic Will be On-Network

Employees don’t always work within their networks.

By 2020, nearly three-quarters of the workforce will be remote.

Even today, most employees work wherever, whenever, meaning they’re not always working from the office. Yet, organizations are still trying to use on-network UC solutions, which impair end user adoption. Organizations must keep this in mind before deploying new tools and solutions.


4. Understand the Gaps You Need to Close

There is still a roadmap and a path of development that has to be followed for these solutions to be fully operational, work well between various providers, and solve the collaboration needs of the enterprise. Manage expectations by identifying and understanding where the holes are and how they will need to be filled.


Procurement plays a direct and critical role in the collaborative landscape of their enterprise. Corporate United can help you achieve integration and reduce IT communication costs with our unified communications offering through our strategic partner West UC.

Address your evolving technology infrastructure by downloading the "Unified Communications Purchasing Playbook for Procurement". The Playbook is full of buying best practices, interoperability features, and advice on purchasing for end-users, guiding you through the full buying cycle to make informed spend decisions.

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