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Keep Your Customers' Trust and Keep Your Customers

Posted by Dan Grant on August 11, 2015

keep-customer-trustWhat's the most important quality in any relationship? Ask around and the most common response you'll hear is "trust." Trust encompasses numerous elements essential for a successful link with another person. If you trust someone, you know they'll catch you when you fall. You know they'll keep promises and follow through and do exactly what they said they were going to do when they said they were going to do it. You know they'll be honest. You know they'll be loyal. You'll have one less thing to worry about in a day filled with a myriad of stresses. And this is as true in your business relationships as it is in your personal.

Your customers have to trust you. If not, the relationship will inevitably fizzle. And once you lose credibility, it's not coming back no matter what measures you take or how much you get on your knees to plead. The trust bond is broken. Losing that particular business isn't the only shattered piece you'll have to place in the trash, because your reputation might be well on its way there as well; threatening your other partnerships. And as Industrial Distribution informs us, your customers are receiving an estimated 300,000 messages per day asking to be trusted so they're now as skeptical as ever. You have an uphill climb ahead of you. But incorporate these 4 Sure-Fire Strategies For Cultivating Consumer Trust and you just might reach that peak of credibility.

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