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Our Emotional Intelligence Holds the Key to Our Success

Posted by OMNIA Partners on January 06, 2017

emotional-intelligenceEveryone’s familiar with what intelligence quotient (IQ) is, and probably hopes his or hers is off the charts. But it turns out, a person’s emotional quotient (EQ) is even more predictive of one’s success. Emotional intelligence is the capability to accurately assess your own emotions, as well the emotions of others. And then to manage or adjust your conduct based on this assessment in effort to achieve your goals. Studies have shown that people with higher EQs also have greater job performance, leaderships skills and overall mental health.

Now, this is a tough attribute to measure, and sure, like IQ, much of it has already been embedded within. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain areas that we can all work on to elevate our emotional competence. has laid out 18 behaviors emotionally intelligent people tend to exhibit, and found that the ability to perform well in these arenas is tightly tied to a person’s success. To get there, we must take measures like increasing our capacity to embrace change, channeling our childhood curiosity, as well as firming our grasp on our strengths and weaknesses. No doubt, raising EQ is an uphill battle because emotions tend to be much more controlling of our motor skills than logic. But if we can make progress wherever we can, we will find that the prospects of achieving our goals start to improve as well.

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