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How a Specialized IT Partner Can Supplement Your Internal Team

Posted by Maura Slater on March 12, 2015

IT security breaches have become more commonplace as the risks associated with managing the IT services of a company have grown. It’s increasingly difficult to retain the staff necessary to stay ahead of these challenges and often IT staff get buried by everyday maintenance instead of working on the innovative projects the organization needs. Utilizing an experienced outside partner can be a viable way to cut costs, improve efficiency and increase the overall quality of your IT services and security.

Evolving Risks in IT

IT risks created by constantly changing technology are often too much for even the largest corporations to manage. For example, companies such as Home Depot, Target and Apple all experienced IT security failures during the last year. Proper protection requires an extensive, ongoing, multi-level strategy that provides the answers to:

  • How is data stored and backed up?
  • How do employees access company data?
  • Is the network protected?
  • Is there an internal policy to prevent employee lapses?
  • Is the mobile security policy sound?

Good Help is Hard to Find

Employing the right people is a critical component to protecting a company from IT risks, but many are having difficulty hiring and retaining employees in this field. IT specialists thrive when working on new challenges that drive business innovation. However, they often become too focused on maintaining current systems and, as a result, seek out new job opportunities for their specialized skills. As the demand for top IT talent continues to rise, companies are finding success by engaging with specialized IT partners to supplement their internal team.

Getting Help With a Trusted Partner

The cost of fully managing IT security internally is too expensive for most companies. In most cases, an experienced external partner provides lower cost and higher quality services that allow internal IT departments to spend more time focused on strategic business initiatives.

Working with our long time partner, Konica Minolta, we’ve added an exciting, new service to our Multifunctional Devices (MD) contract. Konica Minolta’s All Covered IT Services division provides a solution to the risks and hiring struggles related to today’s IT landscape. All Covered offers a comprehensive range of IT services with a national support system of over 500 experienced engineers.

Individual business needs are determined through direct assessments of a company’s current IT structure. Once All Covered services are in place, Konica Minolta controls central monitoring and management to make sure all business software performs well and is up-to-date.

We Have You All Covered

Protect your invaluable data and empower your IT department to become a source of innovation and drive your business goals. Find out more about utilizing Konica Minolta’s All Covered IT Services with a Corporate United contract by contacting us today.

This blog was written in collaboration with a representative from our supplier partner, Konica Minolta. Nick Pegley was instrumental in providing information and guiding this discussion.

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