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Inside 6 Common Misconceptions About Small Parcel Negotiation

Posted by Scott Wynne on June 14, 2017

Here at Corporate United, we are major advocates of not leaving money on the table when it comes to your indirect spend categories. Small parcel shipping is one category we see organizations leaving millions on the table, without even knowing it. But, we want to help you change that.

Why are organizations leaving so much on the table in this category? One reason is that they don’t believe they can negotiate better rates from their carrier.

While it’s true that the industry has challenges – a small number of major carriers dominate the market and increase rates annually – it is possible to secure better rates with the right negotiation model. Often the misconceptions about what is negotiable are all that’s holding organizations back from securing the best small parcel rates.

To help you uncover the truth about small parcel negotiation and determine if you should re-evaluate your current program, Corporate United partner Transportation Impact tackles 6 of the most common misconceptions:

transportation-impact-rate-negotiation-brochure-infographic-v3.pngClick to open/download a full size PDF

Ready to stop shipping your money away?

Now that you know the truth about small parcel negotiations, it’s time to start negotiating smarter. Contact us to get started with a complimentary savings assessment, and learn more about Corporate United’s Small Parcel Solutions program with Transportation Impact.

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