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The Key to Saving on Healthcare is to Need It Less

Posted by OMNIA Partners on October 03, 2017

employee-wellness-programsThe rising cost of healthcare is putting a tight squeeze on businesses across the country. With the prices of doctor visits, procedures, prescriptions and overall care unlikely to come down anytime soon, it’s up to the individual companies to take measures to preserve their earnings. One way many businesses are doing this is by offering employee wellness programs. Wellness programs enhance physical and psychological health for employees which in turn, pays dividends back to the company. The better an employee feels, the more productive they will be. Better yet, the healthier a worker is, the less he or she will require medical care. And the less healthcare incidences employees have, the less premiums will rise from year to year.

Employing a wellness program provides a win-win for workers and the company. The employees enjoy a better quality of life, less medical expenses, and are more able to perform at their jobs. On the flipside, the company becomes more productive, creates a better working environment, lowers its healthcare costs, and boosts profits. In fact, a study found that wellness programs can generate one additional workday’s worth of productivity per employee, per month. Wellness programs increase employee stamina, motivation, connection, and even gratitude to the employer. As healthcare costs continue to escalate, wellness will become even more important to keeping a company’s bottom line out of the emergency room.

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