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The Power of Personal Touches

Posted by Guest Contributor on March 02, 2017

OMNIA Partners, Private Sector has invited industry experts to share insights on achieving manufacturing and business success. In this post, Tim Neroni, President and Managing Partner at KMH Systems, Inc., discusses easy methods for staying top-of-mind with your customers.

building-successful-relationshipsIn today’s fast paced online world, the personal touch can turn a one-off sale into a lifelong relationship. With the speed at which the manufacturing and shipping world are going today, nothing beats taking the time to build relationships with each and every customer your company has a chance to interact and do business with. What may not turn into a sale today could become one of your best clients down the road.

These four simple steps will help keep your current customers and future ones aware of how much your organization truly cares about doing business with them. In today’s six-second attention span world, a few extra steps can turn an ordinary opportunity into an extraordinary relationship.

Live Chats

Are you available? Rachel Rodenborg of Insite Software suggested there are three key reasons businesses should consider incorporating Live Chat into their customer acquisition toolbox:

  1. Live chat increases conversions by 20%. Live chat helps answer customer questions and remove buying objections and results in a more confident consumer.

  2. Customers who chat are 3x more likely to buy. Live chat provides a method for more direct and personal interaction with customers, resulting in increase in likelihood that they will make the purchase.

  3. Live chat improves customer satisfaction levels. Chat offers customers a more immediate and satisfying method to get their questions answered. As a result, customers walk away from the interaction feeling more satisfied and positive about your brand.

Online Quotes and Requests

When you open the doors for the world to come to you through online quote forms for service requests and for every other service or product you offer, you can do twice as much marketing without investing more time. Simple contact forms, request for quote software, and Appointment Setting Software can allow you to increase your sales without increasing your sales team’s hours in the field. Rather than making countless cold calls, these simple tools allow the world to come to you and find out how you can serve. Partnered with an organized Customer Relationship Management tool you can let the internet do more marketing work for your team while your sales staff gives its best real-time service to each client.

Using software to give your potential new customers the opportunity to come to you not only gives your team more hours to focus on excellent service, it also gives your potential new customers the chance to open the door for you. Once a new customer has reached out to you, the permission to see how you can serve them with their current need and any other area of their business has been granted. Permission Marketing through the internet will always give your team the advantage of being ready to help without coming across as pushy, needy, or invasive.

Handwritten Notes

The art of the written “Thank You” still holds power to help you stand out from the competition. Letting your customers know you appreciate doing business with them is greatly appreciated today. Emails are flying all over the globe, so when your team takes the time to personally say, “Thank You!” with a handwritten note, it shows your client base you are thinking of them, care about them, and took the extra moments of your day to let them know. Many companies don’t send handwritten “Thank You” notes because they don’t realize how important they can be in building a relationship with a customer.

Calendar Alerts to Follow Up

It’s easy, a lot of people do it, and yet many companies are losing clients by not doing it. Every meeting, call, or sale is just the beginning of the relationship with your clients, and every contact with them is a new opportunity to further your relationship with them. One easy way to make sure your team stays in touch with each of your clients is to use the Calendar Alerts on your phone, in Outlook, or even Google Calendar. You can have your team maintain their own reminder system by setting a baseline of reaching out every two to four weeks, or create a centralized system for your company to reach out to customers via email, telephone, a visit, or even writing a note as stated above.

Out of sight is too often out of mind, and making sure you follow up regularly is easier than ever. From Sales Force to free alerts on any phone, keep your team on track with simple alerts so your team is organized and staying in touch with each of your clients regularly.

Not all leads are ready to buy right out of the gate, but that doesn't mean they aren't worth your time. The goal is to stay in front of prospects in a way that creates value rather than annoyance. The companies that master multiple touches are able to build a long term asset out of their leads rather than wasting good leads.

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