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How UCaaS Accommodates, Empowers the Millennial Workforce

August 31, 2017 / by Melissa Coen posted in IT and Telecom, Unified Communications, Conferencing, West Unified Communications


A recent PwC report estimates that by the year 2020, over 50 percent of the workforce will be comprised of Millennials. And by the year 2025, that number could jump to almost 75 percent of employees in the workforce. These numbers are forcing business leaders to focus on the way that 18-35 year-olds communicate and make spending decisions on the tools and solutions that will future-proof their enterprise. Moreover, with younger employees changing jobs roughly every three years, it becomes more vital than ever to ensure that communications tools are in place to retain good employees and foster cohesiveness across business units.

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Bring Everyone Together to Drive IT Communications Savings

July 7, 2016 / by Mike Grade posted in Conferencing, IT and Telecom, Unified Communications, West Unified Communications


As large companies evolve, IT strategies within communications infrastructure systems need to change to support the business goals of the company in harmony with the expanding IT marketplace. Successful IT Communications leaders in these companies focus on desired business outcomes to design and lead the change management cycles necessary to realign their systems. However, these communication infrastructure changes need to satisfy the following:

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