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Top 5 Signs You Should Consider a Managed Service Provider

April 13, 2018 / by Whitney Barton posted in Human Resources, Managed Service Provider, Populus Group


It’s not a secret that there is an abundance of new workforce regulations, and an ever-increasing demand to drive more efficiencies. Procurement and Human Resources professionals know, all too well, this is rewarding but it’s also demanding. Below are the top 5 signs you should consider streamlining your program.

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5 Questions to Ask About Your Managed Service Provider

August 15, 2017 / by Tim Holland posted in Human Resources, Managed Service Provider, Volt Consulting Group


Over the last decade, managed services programs (MSP) have proliferated among Fortune 1000s and smaller corporations to help them manage their contingent workforce. Today these companies want, and need, more.

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Contingent Workforce Management is Changing – Are You Ready?

March 20, 2017 / by Tim Holland posted in Human Resources, Independent Contractor Compliance, Managed Service Provider, Vendor Management System (VMS)


Managing your contingent workforce is not simply a matter of adjusting your old practices, but truly fostering a paradigm shift in the way you are handling non-employee labor.

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