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5 Reasons Supplier (and Spend) Diversity Is Beneficial

July 16, 2019 / by OMNIA Partners posted in Group Purchasing Organization, Procurement, Leadership, Supplier Relationship


Diversifying your spend and supplier portfolio can be financially sound strategy. It can be an impactful and strategic value-driver but it is often hard to speak to exactly why or what benefits an enterprise can take advantage of by purchasing in this way. We leaned on the experts at procurious to help us elaborate on this specific topic through a recent article they published. 

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Infographic: Why Supplier Consolidation is Critical and Easy!

May 9, 2019 / by OMNIA Partners posted in Group Purchasing Organization, Infographic, Procurement, Supplier Relationship


Maintaining relationships with multiple vendors can be tricky, especially when you have different vendors servicing different locations. There are several key benefits to consolidating your suppliers that will make purchasing less complex. 

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How to Consistently Create High-Performing Supplier Contracts

December 3, 2018 / by Guest Contributor posted in Procurement, Leadership, Supplier Relationship


Most companies say that measuring supplier performance is critical or at least highly important to success. Enterprises simply aren't sustainable without competent, dependable suppliers.

Supplier performance stems from successful relationships. And those relationships develop through effective communication, in addition to well-defined supplier contract agreements.

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5 Steps to Strategic Supplier Relationships

July 20, 2016 / by OMNIA Partners posted in Group Purchasing Organization, Procurement, Strategic Sourcing, Supplier Relationship


Refining strategy is a never-ending process. Once you get a project, a relationship, a product line to lift-off, there will always be room for improvement and opportunity to tinker with its underlying strategy. When it comes to sourcing, are there areas that can be enhanced or further developed?

Selecting a strategic partner to entrust with your goals and expectations is not an easy task. There are numerous suppliers in today's saturated market. How can procurement identify the best supplier for their unique needs?

These 5 tips will help you close the loop on expectations, quality, and savings:

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