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Warehouse Resolutions to Implement This Year

Posted by Guest Contributor on January 19, 2017

Prime Advantage, an OMNIA Partner, has invited industry experts to share insights on the present and future of achieving success in manufacturing and business. In this post, Tom Reddon of National Forklift Exchange, discusses how manufacturing organizations can improve their warehouses.

warehouse-improvementsWorking in the warehouse can be a tough and difficult job. At times, many warehouse operations may seem to be overwhelming. Make it a resolution this year to make your warehouse a better one. There are many steps you can take to achieve such an objective. Reinforcing safety principles, promoting teamwork, and implementing automation are just a few ways any organization can drive continuous improvement in their day-to-day warehouse operations.

1. Prioritize Safety 

“Continuous safety” is virtually synonymous with “continuous improvement,” which in turn results in recognizing and introducing better and safer ways to do the same job. Improvements to employee morale and workplace enhancement are two positive results of reinforcing safe practices. Furthermore, prioritizing safety establishes a call-to-action in the event of an incident. In the event of an emergency, an action plan can assure that all employees and workers are protected from potentially catastrophic consequences. Prioritizing safety awareness encourages employees to effectively handle all of the challenges and rigors that accompany performance of their daily functions and duties, while implementing a set of directives to protect the welfare of all employees.

2. Promote a Positive Work Environment 

Promoting a positive work environment yields a wide array of benefits. First and foremost, cohesion is great for improving and driving employee morale. Happy employees are generally more productive and ready to tackle challenges compared to those who are demoralized. There are many ways to promote a positive work environment. It begins with solid leadership and a progressive mindset. Incentive-based reward programs have been known to play an integral role in enhancing the workplace. It all comes down to bolstering communications between each member of the team and doing what one can to make their employees happy.

3. Introduce Automation 

A trendy keyword in today’s business world is establishing what is regarded as “best practices.” Ideally, a best practice will not have any deficiency, but in the real world, deficiencies creep in over time. The critical point is, in order to break through to world class safety, failure must be identified and amended.  There are many software and technological programs available to streamline production processes and achieve automation. Automation relies on key performance analytics and lean methodologies. The name of the game with automation is “efficiency.” According to the AFSI, you need to further isolate and eliminate deficiencies in several warehouse operations to increase competitiveness.

Many platforms enable warehouses to increase productivity, improve inventory accuracy, and reduce costs. SAP is the flagship enterprise-wide application that many supply chains use to introduce and optimize automation. Automation is not based on human resources, but instead consists of mechanical devices that do the work humans can do. Toyota, for example, proudly boasts of many products that simplify automation for virtually any organization in any material handling scenario. From manufacturing to healthcare, automation can help any company.

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