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Your Company Benefits from Partnering with Sustainable Suppliers

Posted by Matt Narens on April 14, 2015

Those employed in sourcing often have a direct and profound effect on the footprint their organizations make in the world. Price and the quality of products will always be a high priority, but partnering with suppliers that offer sustainable and environmentally-friendly services has also become a real opportunity for success.

Creating a sustainable and environmentally-friendly global economy is the concern of us all. When you set aside controversies and debates, it’s clear that all responsible companies and individuals must do their part to protect our environment. It’s in no way a new movement, but as we better understand how our actions are affecting the environment, it has become a greater concern. For Corporate United, working with environmentally friendly suppliers isn’t just a moral imperative; it’s a significant business benefit for ourselves and our members.

On top of the innate value of maintaining the health of our planet, green business practices are often inexpensive and in many cases, can even save organizations money. Being known as a company who works with green suppliers and is dedicated to sustainable practices can also give an edge in hiring employees and attracting new customers.

Our Supplier’s Commitment

One of our newest suppliers is Enterprise Holdings, which owns and operates the National Car Rental and Enterprise Rent-A-Car brands. Enterprise Holdings – a leader in sustainable business practices – has dedicated itself to the idea that sustainable practices not only are good for the environment, but are also crucial for the continued success of its business.

Enterprise Holdings has led the charge in many sustainable car rental services. The company’s dedication to services like car and ride-sharing programs provide cities, college campuses and organizations with environmentally and economically sustainable travel options. Enterprise Holdings also is committed to supporting long-term solutions for sustainable transportation such as renewable fuels and the use of electric vehicles.

Such commitment extends beyond transportation; Enterprise Holdings has likewise mandated that all of its newly constructed and retrofitted rental locations must be efficient and sustainable, a $150-million investment.

A testament to its efforts, Enterprise Holdings won the Project Icarus Outstanding Achievement Award for Sustainability in 2013 and the Sustainability Gold Medal in 2014. The Icarus award honors companies and industry professionals who demonstrate leadership, innovation, creativity, and a serious commitment to developing sustainable programs, products or services.

The Corporate United Advantage

At Corporate United, we are dedicated to providing our members with the best service possible. Part of that is choosing suppliers like the National Car Rental and Enterprise Rent-A-Car brands that, through sustainable practices, bring value beyond, but not excluding, cost savings.

We’ve worked with National and Enterprise to create a highly beneficial contract for our members. This offering is price protected for four years and allows our members to get highly customized service with which they can choose their preferred coverage for accidents, get reduced rates in their most traveled cities and much more.

To learn more about our National Car Rental and Enterprise Rent-A-Car partnerships, or any of our high-quality suppliers, visit our website now. To become a Corporate United member and discover all of our offerings, please contact us today.

This blog was written in collaboration with a representative from our supplier partner, National-Enterprise. We thank Cathy Barthel for providing crucial information and guiding this discussion.

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