Program Overview

Small parcel packages can be a lot of different items, as long as they meet certain weight and space limitations and can be efficiently packed into the transportation vehicle. Navigating the complexities of the small parcel industry can prove challenging for any business. Challenges can include ever-increasing small parcel rates, limited competition and managing existing carrier relationships. All these making it difficult to negotiate the best rates and reduce costs without jeopardizing your relationships with current carriers.

That’s where OMNIA Partners can help. Our Small Parcel Solutions Program includes bill audit and contract negotiation services that will help your organization realize increased savings. Whether you are looking for a logistics partner, a discounted USPS or FedEx discount program or savings with international parcel, OMNIA Partners can help.

Ready to optimize your small parcel spend and start maximizing savings? Learn more about the suppliers that are a part of this program! 

Program Highlights

Free 30 Day Audit Trial

Complimentary 30-day audit trial and ability to keep all credits earned during trial.

Free Analysis

Complimentary small parcel analysis to determine savings opportunities.

Group Rebate

Group growth incentive rebates based on group program spend.

Performance Guarantee

Service levels for performance guarantees.

Program Optimization

Additional incentive for participation on multiple service lines.

Single Point of Contact

Dedicated contact for members of OMNIA Partners.


Competitive pricing program for international shipping for export and import

Supplier Partners

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International Small Parcel Only

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