Program Overview

The OMNIA Partners Safety Supplies program offers members key safety supplies. From gloves to pandemic kits to UV-C decontaminating equipment– we have everything you need to keep your employees and facilities safe.

Our partnership with the industry's top leaders Choctaw-Kaul, Fastenal & Grainger provides members with safety supplies, emergency preparedness products and personal protective equipment (PPE).

In addition to our traditional safety products programs, we have specific UV-C light technology equipment for disinfecting facilities offered through Apache Safespace Solutions. This provides an extra level of protection against risks of contagion and contamination in your space through advanced, highly technical detection and decontamination systems.

Program Highlights


Aggressively priced items for additional savings.

Group Rebates

Opportunity for members to earn individual rebates based on growth, volume and group participation with Choctaw-Kaul, Fastenal & Grainger.

Tier 1 Diversity

Choctaw-Kaul is a certified tier-one minority-owned business.

Value Added Services

Variety of additional value added services such as Inventory Management Solutions, Emergency Services and Safety Solutions with Fastenal & Grainger.


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