Category Overview

Reliable freight shipment for your goods is a vital component of a lean supply chain. There are numerous factors that need to be concerned to determine the best option for your freight: size, weight, type, and MORE.  Even further, freight markets are rapidly changing, posing challenges for shippers - driver shortages, reduced capacity, fuel surcharges and a healthy economy have made freight a seller’s market. Meaning, now, more than ever, you need to innovate.

OMNIA Partners recognizes that this often unmanaged area of spend can be strategically managed for better efficiency, accuracy and savings - while maintaining an optimal environment for best quality. On average members of OMNIA Partners have saved 10-15% on freight and logistics.

To help mitigate risk and uncertainty, The OMNIA Partners freight and logistics solution has three main components designed to meet all of your logistics needs: 

  1. LTL and TL Freight (inbound and Outbound)
  2. Small Parcel Solutions
  3. Specialty Freight (refrigerated, dry van and more)

Program Highlights


Superior shipping options for every size freight. Our program helps your organization realize long-term cost savings, ensure consistent freight capacity, improve productivity and increased management efficiencies.

Specialty Freight & Solutions

Not all freight is created equal. When you have specialty freight, reliability and efficiency directly affect the quality of your solutions. For members needing refrigerated or specialty freight services, even greater challenges exist, as capacity in the marketplace tightens, and the amount of competition in this space declines. With OMNIA Partners Specialty Freight Solutions you can mitigate risk and trust in the transportation of your goods.

Small Parcel Solutions

With limited competition in the small package market, our Members are finding it increasingly difficult to manage costs and gain control of their small package spend. Our Small Parcel Solutions Program includes bill audit and contract negotiation services that will help your organization realize increased savings. Additionally, we offer transparency into the rates charged by USPS and FedEx. And exclusive discount programs for participating members.

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