Program Overview

Defined as more than a package, but less than a truck, Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipping options and partnerships are vast. Thousands of supplier options mean your organization maintains complex schedules and numerous bill pay management activities, with little assurance that you are actually getting the best price possible.

The OMNIA Partners LTL program with leading partners allows your organization to maintain existing relationships with shipping suppliers and even help to improve them. With superior bill auditing and contract optimization services, and a cutting-edge technology, our program helps your organization realize long-term cost savings, improve productivity and increased management efficiencies.

Program Highlights

Free Analysis

Complimentary LTL analysis to determine savings opportunities.

Group Rebate

Group growth incentive rebates based on group program spend.

Performance Guarantee

Service levels for performance guarantees.

Program Optimization

Additional incentive for participation on multiple service lines.


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