Solutions for Superior HR Planning

Human resources professionals need to find effective and timely solutions to the wide range of problems that impact an organization's permanent employees and contingent workers, a group that includes individuals of various career stages, seniority levels, backgrounds, demographics—and needs.

From applicant hiring to contingent workforce management to employee retention, the HR procurement programs we provide will help you plan strategically and address the diverse needs of your staff and contractors. Our streamlined and cost-effective HR procurement programs include:

GPOs Give Human Resources Unparalleled Leverage

Like those in procurement, human resources professionals can rely on group purchasing organizations (GPOs) to gain leverage. This is because, as part of a GPO, you join hundreds of professionals like you who are looking for streamlined solutions to the same types of problems.

OMNIA Partners combines the purchasing power of hundreds of companies with our deep procurement and human resources expertise to develop supplier programs that are significantly more cost-effective and streamlined compared to those you would get on your own.

This leverage positively influences the strategies you need to hire, manage and retain talent—all while keeping you within compliance.