Program Overview

The Vendor Management System (VMS) program through OMNIA Partners allows members to manage their non-employee workforce effectively, securely, and in full regulatory compliance for increased flexibility, rapid scalability, and cost savings.

Our supplier partnerships with Beeline and Simplify help your company stay ahead of the industry while choosing a VMS that offers the maximum potential for innovation, functionality, and user experience.

Program Highlights


Leveraged GPO Pricing

Average 20% lower than market.

Group Rebate

Group Rebate

Each participating member is eligible based on the group spend.



Rapid deployment and integration with no implementation fee.

Mid-Market VMS/MSP Option

Mid-Market Spend Eligible

Our members qualify for our MSP and VMS program at spends starting at an annual spend of $3M.


Certified MBE MSP & VMS Option

Members take advantage of Tier 1 spend Reporting.

Global Coverage

Global Reach

The MSP and VMS programs are deployed globally.

Supplier Partner