Program Overview

The Telecommunications Management solution through OMNIA Partners offers a customized approach, which includes strategic sourcing, a local and long-distance program and telecom expense management. They ensure the best performing network, easy-to-manage billing, centralized control, highest overall bandwidth and value for the best possible price.

Our supplier partnership with Spyglass and Source One offers all members of OMNIA Partners a distinct telecom solution which can be customized to fit your company’s needs.

Program Highlights

Customizable Program

Customizable Program

Inclusive of everything needed to drive a high-quality wired and wireless solution covering all voice and data telecom services at the best possible price

Strategic Program

Strategic Program

Three prong agreement including strategic sourcing, local and long distance program and telecom expense management (TEM)


Bill Audit & Optimization

Leading the industry, SpyGlass analyzes all expenses relating to local, long distance, internet/data, and wireless to recover past funds paid in error and identify ongoing cost savings measures.

Supplier Partner