Program Description

As a complement to our GPO, we also provide a cost benchmarking service for your direct material spend categories that are not covered by our suppliers. It's an extremely efficient way to compare your current pricing structure against a cross-industry sample—which adds validity to current contracts and identifies areas for improvement. Members can access strategic solutions for managing resin, corrugate and paper packaging.

Our supplier partners work collaboratively with your procurement team to develop actionable technical insights and strategies that drive impactful bottom line results. Technical expertise and analytic strength is supported by transactional visibility into the resin and paper markets.  Deep domain expertise and technical capability provide unparalleled visibility into your supplier’s economics while providing commercially proven target pricing at the item level. Commitment to the assessment process impacts your bottom line with resin, paper, and packaging savings most often with no change in the current supplier or material. Generate unparalleled results from implementing the fact-based negotiation strategy developed specifically for your team.

Program Highlights


Best-in-class pricing options


No Risk


Cross-industry exposure


Fees only apply to realized savings

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