Program Overview

As more transportation options for employees enter the market place, it is becoming difficult to manage ground transportation use across an organization. Travel and procurement managers are tasked with finding increased cost savings while also making sure employees are safe and corporate policy is adhered to. That’s where the OMNIA Partners Ground Transportation Management program can help.

With partner SummitQwest, we offer a complete Ground Transportation Management solution that helps employees book rides on policy, while travel and procurement managers can track and report on usage, across any type of ground transportation.

Program Highlights

Demand Management

Domestic and international ride coverage, and integrations with online booking tools, global distribution systems and ride share companies.

Growth Management

Ability to support any preferred suppliers currently in place.

Performance Management

Service level agreements on uptime, implementation and ride service.

Price Management

Negotiated pricing with black car providers through the SummitQwest Affiliate Network.

Spend Management

Access to complete ride reporting based on final pricing and actual ride demographics, not just reservation data.

Supplier Partner

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