Program Overview

Safety, flexibility and comfort are top priorities for all organizations when it comes to corporate air travel. However, some companies don’t have the option to purchase their own jet or they need to supplement jet services when their corporate plane is full. Also, needs vary greatly depending on number of passengers and whether the destination is regional or international. This is where our Jet Services program can help.

With partner ALTOUR AIR, we offer a Jet Services program for our members that accommodates their changing needs. ALTOUR AIR does not have affiliations with any specific aircraft, allowing for flexibility and personalization for each trip. Also, each charter operator undergoes rigorous safety checks and the historical ratings on the aircraft, pilot and operator are all thoroughly reviewed. Plus, the leverage Altour offers gives you access to industry-leading pricing.

Program Highlights

Customized Pricing

Leveraging buying power in the marketplace by conducting in-depth research for each trip and negotiating the best value.


Employ all tools to measure carrier experience so we offer members private air providers that have been vetted for safety, insurance, and reliability.


No affiliations to any specific aircraft allow for flexibility and personalization for each trip.


Global presence with local accountability allows for 24/7/365 service coverage, exceeding member expectations.

Supplier Partner

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