Benefits of Free GPO Membership With OMNIA Partners

OMNIA Partners eases the procurement burden by offering the nation's most comprehensive portfolio of products and services from industry-leading suppliers. Each member benefits from the collective buying power of the largest and fastest growing network of purchasing professionals in the nation. Allowing members of OMNIA Partners to achieve the greatest aggregate pricing benefit, and superior contract terms and savings. 

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"   We knew our company needed to start focusing more on our bottom line. My team was put in place to bring the benefits of centralized procurement to a decentralized implementation. We have a very small team so it’s not just about the cost savings, it’s about taking advantage of opportunities to expand our footprint by leveraging the group purchasing organization. OMNIA Partners has been that. We can take advantage of what they’ve already negotiated so we can focus on areas where we don't currently have a presence.   "

-Director of Corporate Supply Chain

Current Member


Value You Can Trust with Agreements that Standalone 

Streamlined & Cost-Effective Procurement

As the foremost GPO in the nation, combining the most experienced and largest buying power, we are able to streamline your purchasing process for superior contract terms and savings. We focus on the entire sourcing process, using market intelligence to ensure our agreements standalone in value. Even further, we manage the continually manage our agreements so they do not decrease in value or increase in cost after implementation.

Superior Pricing Through Unmatched Leverage 

As part of the largest network in group purchasing, members benefit from increased buying power, which yields cost-effective pricing, timely turnarounds and better contracts. Members of OMNIA Partners leverage the nation’s greatest buying power to achieve best-value pricing through aggregated spend.  

RFP & Bid Avoidance 

OMNIA Partners delivers highly leveraged, prequalified contracts that bypass, and in many cases, make the time-consuming RFP/bid process unnecessary. Since we have a seat at the table with our supplier partners, service requests are elevated, contracts are pre-negotiated and RFPs are unnecessary. Allowing procurement to make informed purchasing decisions easier and increase their speed to savings. 

High-Quality Products & Services

Members gain access to suppliers that have each been thoroughly vetted to ensure they are a market leader that will deliver exceptional quality and service. This reduces a member’s lead time to market and guarantees they receive the best value for their spend. OMNIA Partners will help increase your total cost of ownership without ever sacrificing quality.

Reliable, Expert Advocacy

Our team of procurement professionals and supply chain management experts is committed to bringing value to you and your stakeholders. Our expert team has held key, high-level purchasing, supply chain management and procurement positions and are recognized as respected leaders by our peers and suppliers – you can trust that you are in good hands. We have walked a mile in your shoes and are here to advocate on your behalf.

True Partnership

We act as your advocates to enhance your procurement strategy and drive efficiency, performance and true cost savings within your organization. Our goal is to provide insightful, scalable solutions for your spend categories while ensuring limitless partnership potential. Being a part of our community means connecting with thousands of professionals, sales leaders and executives all sharing aligned goals.


Our Programs Deliver Savings in Time & Money

OMNIA Partners Power. Access. Trust

  • No Cost to Join: No fee to become a member, no commitments and no minimum order requirement.
  • Quality Brands: We partner with the best brands in a wide variety of categories, services and solutions.
  • Expertise and Advocacy: We employ the most experienced and seasoned team in private procurement, group purchasing and supply chain management.
  • Ultimate Solutions: We offer an extensive portfolio of sourcing solutions, no matter the company size.