Gain Power, Access and Trust With OMNIA Partners

GPO member benefits Each OMNIA Partners member gains both an advocate with direct access to top suppliers and a partner with unparalleled insights into strategic sourcing solutions. Our extensive industry knowledge and expertise helps our members get results and optimize their businesses.


Better Pricing and Reduced Risk

As part of the largest network in group purchasing, members benefit from increased buying power, which yields cost-effective pricing, timely turnarounds and better contracts. We focus on the entire sourcing process, using market intelligence to help our members make informed purchasing decisions and build quality depth in the supply chain.


Streamlined and Cost-Effective Procurement

With unmatched access to top suppliers representing a robust portfolio of goods and services, members can streamline their procurement processes and greatly improve the overall quality of their business operations. Our highly rated events, summits and conferences are great venues for procurement leaders and experts to share insights and best practices in purchasing and business today.


High-Quality Products and Services

Each supplier has been thoroughly vetted to ensure they are a market leader that will deliver exceptional quality, reducing a member’s lead time to market and guaranteeing they receive the best value for their spend. We enable members to build valuable, long-term relationships with world-class supplier partners.