Grow Your Business By Selling to the OMNIA Partners Membership

Each OMNIA Partners supplier acquires both an advocate who can introduce them to the decision-makers at the right organizations and a partner who serves as an extension of their sales operations. In addition to gaining access to the long-standing and fastest-growing GPO membership network in the nation, suppliers will gain the ability to: 


Extend Current Resources

We facilitate information sharing within our group so you can operate more strategically and fully connect with customers. We provide the tools that build strong brand awareness as you market your products and services to our members. And we fully understand each member's business and proactively promote our suppliers to help them achieve their goals. POWER.

Increase Market Share

We will introduce you to the final decision-makers with buying authority at our diverse portfolio of member companies, as well as help you build successful customer connections that result in beneficial long-term relationships. Our award-winning events, summits and conferences give you the opportunity to meet new customers and find additional revenue opportunities. ACCESS. 

Establish Customer Partnerships

Our members give our suppliers every opportunity to earn their business. Intel on customer feedback brings you valuable information about how to grow and improve within the group. We are here to help you build long-term customer relationships, which includes in-person joint calls to introduce your products and services. TRUST.


Equipped with invaluable industry insights and data, suppliers will gain a competitive advantage as they operate more strategically by fully connecting with our valued members.


Gain access to the largest and most diverse portfolio of member organizations from over 35 industries. Experience accelerated, profitable growth.


Our suppliers gain a dedicated suite of resources from the expert team at OMNIA Partners, providing the ability to build and, most importantly, maintain meaningful, long-term connections with industry-leaders.