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Tomahawk UV-C Lamp

2000 and 3000 Series

The Tomahawk relies on UV-C technology to actively seek and destroy microorganisms in the air and on hard surfaces. With the Coronavirus being lighter than air, it must attach to dust particles to land on a surface. The Tomahawk decontaminates large open spaces with 99.9% effectiveness of destroying microorganisms and viruses in which it comes in contact

Tomahawk Light

Handheld UV-C Lamp

This handheld device is perfect for the disinfection of hard-to-clean surfaces such as remote controls, keyboards, equipment with many accessories, and inaccessible areas that require frequent wipe downs. It can also be used on bathroom handrails, toilet surfaces, sinks, cell phones, chairs, doorknobs, bed rails, tray tables, and more.

AIRrow Light 2000 UV-C

Air Treatment System

The AIRrow Light 2000 UV-C Air Treatment System utilizes a two-stage High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter and purification process followed by UV-C light treatment. The technologically advanced system is designed to pull air away from breathing levels to the floor into the filtration and treatment system, which eradicates particles and decontaminates the air in large rooms and spaces.

AIRrowSwift 5000 UV-C

Air Treatment System

The AIRrowSwift 5000 incorporates UV-C technology into existing air conditioning and filtration systems for small buildings, warehouses, as well as tents, trailers, and other facilities. UV-C technology eradicates particles and viruses in the air as it passes through the AIRrowSwift chamber prior to allowing them to circulate through air vents.

Mass Temperature Screening System

Thermal Fever Scanner

The Mass Temperature Screening System uses cameras to detect the infrared signature that people and objects emit. The system constructs and displays instant heat readings. Anyone tagged with an elevated skin temperature can be taken aside for further examination.

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