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IT Asset Disposition

ITAD Services

Data Destruction

A data leak is a devastating blow to any organization. That’s why data security is our top priority. We use the highest level of data sanitation security measures. We are committed to protecting your reputation.

Value Recovery

Promoting reuse while helping recoup your technology investment. ITAD is more than recycling eWaste. A good sustainability plan should include the resell of tested, working IT assets and parts.

Recycling Services

A proper sustainability plan should include reuse as the first option of IT Asset Disposition. Keeping products in use for longer increases the lifespan of resources. However, when products and their parts reach the end of their useful life, you need to be assured their materials are being used to manufacture new products. Our Circular Transformation® recycling service is an innovative process that provides the necessary traceability and tracking to create a closed-loop system.

Field Services

A successful hardware refresh or migration can require considerable internal resources. You can rely on our field services team to complement your staff. We've been providing exceptional onsite support for 20 years.

Mobile Device Repair

For company-owned iOS and Android mobile devices that need service, or for organizations that run a trade-in or device buyback program, our repair services provide the peace of mind you need with secure data wiping and certificates of sanitization. All services are certified by eStewards and R2 from device collection through completion. Finally, when your devices reach their end of life, choose our best-in-class recycling services, which guarantees all materials are recycled properly and with complete visibility throughout the entire downstream process.

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